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Cooking Ireland: UCD students share common kitchens in the student residences, and cook their meals themselves. While it may be an initial adjustment for students, with a little perseverance, cooking meals can become a bonding experience for flatmates. If students need a break from cooking, there are also cafes and restaurants in and around campus that students can access to grab a coffee or quick meal. Students will need to provide their own dishes and cooking supplies.

Students may pick up groceries while on campus, in Dublin's city centre, or a short bus ride from the student residence. Listed below are some grocery stores and food markets that students might find convenient:

  • Centra: convenience store located on UCD's campus that has hot food, as well as groceries available
  • Tesco: full-scale grocery store located south of the student residence, and accessed via bus
  • Fruit market: a quick walk from the Montrose is a fresh fruit market with seasonal produce
  • Superquinn: full-scale grocery store located ten minutes by bus to the east of campus