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Students who are not traveling on the Group Flight are considered "independent travelers," and should arrive in Dublin no later than August 31, 2015.

Required Travel Form

Flight Information Form 
To ensure the safety of all participants, both students traveling on the Group Flight and those traveling independently must provide with the details of their itinerary, including any and all connecting flights.  Students will receive an email prompting them to provide these flight details prior to departure. 

International Students & Flight Credits

International students who choose to fly to Dublin separately from the group flight will receive a flight credit on their bill equal to the cost of one group flight airline ticket.

Travel To & From Dublin

Independent travelers are responsible for their own transportation from the airport to the student residence hall.

On the last day of the Program, students on the Group Flight home will be shuttled from their student residence to the airport. If an independent traveler's flight is departing on or around the same time as the Group Flight, he or she may utilize these buses to get to the airport. Otherwise, independent travelers will be responsible for their own transportation to the airport.

Important Numbers

Advantage Travel: (800)788-1980

Aon WorldAware: +1.312.470.3108


What to Bring & Preparation 

  • Passport and 3 copies of your passport photo page
  • 3 copies of your Irish student visa (if applicable)
  • Bank Statement to register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB)
  • Letter of Introduction – those on the group flight will receive their visitor letter at the airport prior to departure. Independent travelers will receive an email from The Program one week prior to departure with their visitor letter attached. 
  • International students should consult with the embassy in their home country to determine further documents they need to bring with them to Ireland 
  • Please record the serial numbers of important items that you are bringing with you (camera, laptop, iPod, Kindle, etc).  This will be useful in case any items are lost or stolen. We recommend leaving a copy of these numbers with family members.
  • Be sure to call bank and credit card companies to notify them that accounts will be accessed from a different country during the time spent abroad.  We recommend making a photocopy of all credit and ATM cards to leave with family members in case these cards are lost or stolen.