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Fall 2015 Ireland: UCD students are covered by MediCover Student Private Medical Expenses Insurance. The cost of this coverage is included in the program fee. However, please note that MediCover is not comprehensive medical insurance, and will not cover medical costs known or required prior to traveling. Before departing to Ireland, students should also check with their current healthcare providers to see if they will provide coverage for medical expenses incurred abroad or consider purchasing an international health insurance plan.

Students will receive a copy of their individualized MediCover Student Private Medical Expenses Insurance Application/Confirmation of Cover/Policy Summary in mid-August. Please print this policy document and pack it in carry-on luggage, as it will be required to clear immigration in Dublin. Please read through this document thoroughly before departing for Ireland. It is important to understand what expenses participants are responsible for and what expenses this insurance will cover. We also recommend that students become familiar with the following documents.

 A few important items:

  • The policy number (which will be confirmed at a later date) - participants will need to reference this number, their certificate number, and their educational institution (UCD freshman programme) when filing a claim.
  • Participants are covered for fourteen (14) days of holiday travel in Europe or the European Economic Area. More information about insurance coverage will be provided at the On-site Orientation in Dublin.


Any specific questions about this insurance policy should be directed to the providers directly: +353 (0) 1639 5800.


Important Contact Numbers

  • Emergency medical assistance (ACE Assistance): +353 (0) 1 440 1762
  • Medical claims (O’Driscoll O’Neil): +353 (0) 1639 5800