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**Please review this page carefully as it will be updated before and during the semester to provide the most current information regarding flights and travel. **

Group Flight Itinerary

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Baggage Allowance

Students traveling on the group flight to Dublin are transported by Aer Lingus airlines. As of April 2015, Aer Lingus permits travelers in Economy class to travel with one checked bag (up to 50 lbs), one piece of hand baggage which can fit in the overhead bin (up to 22 lbs), and one piece of personal baggage than can fit under the seat in front of you. 

Typically, students find success checking one large bag, bringing on the plane a small carry-on bag to fit in the overhead bin, and carrying a purse or small backpack that can fit under the seat in front of them.

Allowances are subject to change and it is the responsibility of the student to confirm the luggage policies of Aer Lingus.

Independent Travelers & Flight Credits

Students who choose to fly to Dublin separately from the group flight will receive a flight credit on their Spring 2016 bill equal to the cost of one group flight airline ticket. The exact amount of that credit will be determined later in 2015, typically in late Fall. Please note that if a student flies any leg of the group flight (for example, if they fly on the group flight from Boston to Dublin, but then fly back from Dublin straight to their final destination) they will not receive a flight credit.

Required Travel Forms

Flight Information Form 
To ensure the safety of all participants, both students traveling on the Group Flight and those traveling independently must provide with the details of their itinerary, including any and all connecting flights.  Students will receive an email prompting them to provide these flight details prior to departure. 

Group Flight Reservation Form students intending to fly on the Group Flight must submit the Group Flight Reservation Form, either online, or by faxing or emailing a paper copy to Advantage Travel. Details regarding baggage restrictions, deviations, routing changes, stopovers, and other airline policies and regulations are included on the form. This form is due May 22, 2015. Students who have specific questions about travel arrangements should contact Advantage Travel directly.

Travel & Arrival

Students on the Group Flight receive itineraries and instruction via email prior to departure, though we always recommend checking with the airline on the day of travel to stay abreast of any flight delays or changes in schedule. Once they have landed, students will be picked up by buses and transported to their residence hall.

On the last day of the Program, students on the Group Flight home will be shuttled from their residence to the airport, where participants will have ample time to check in. The group will then go through the security checkpoint together.

Important Numbers

Advantage Travel: (800)788-1980

Aon WorldAware: +1.312.470.3108

What to Bring & Preparation 

  • Passport and 3 copies of your passport photo page
  • 3 copies of your Irish student visa (if applicable)
  • Bank Statement to register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB)
  • Letter of Introduction – those on the group flight will receive their visitor letter at the airport prior to departure. Independent travelers will receive an email from The Program one week prior to departure with their visitor letter attached. 
  • International students should consult with the embassy in their home country to determine further documents they need to bring with them to Ireland 
  • Please record the serial numbers of important items that you are bringing with you (i.e., camera, laptop, iPod, Kindle, etc).  This will be useful in case any items are lost or stolen. We recommend leaving a copy of these numbers with family members.
  • Be sure to call bank and credit card companies to notify them that accounts will be accessed from a different country during the time spent abroad.  We recommend making a photocopy of all credit and ATM cards to leave with family members in case these cards are lost or stolen.

Advantage Travel of CNY, Inc.

The Program works with Advantage Travel to arrange flights for staff as well as the Group Flight option for students. Once forms have been filled out, and group flights are booked, participants who need to arrange any changes to their flights or itineraries should contact Advantage Travel directly.

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