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College Compatibility in Ireland: UCD

The Ireland: UCD Program's curriculum is tailored to meet the academic needs and requirements of students in the following colleges/majors. Use the links below to view the 2015 curriculum, syllabi and course descriptions. Courses are subject to change. & Northeastern Curriculum

Courses are carefully selected and developed to align with the first semester Freshman curriculum taught at Northeastern. Here, find the typical Freshman courses in which students are enrolled at Northeastern during the fall semester. In addition to fulfilling Major requirements, courses also count toward the NU Core, our institution-wide general education requirements for all students in all majors. Learn more about the NU Core philosophy>>

Students enrolled at UCD take a minimum of two courses with local Irish and international freshmen students. Furthermore, student integration programs are run throughout the semester to foster increased interaction between students of different majors, nationalities and ages.



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