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Endsleigh: International Student Travel Insurance Ireland students are covered by Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited, which provides international student travel insurance.  The cost of this coverage is included in the program fee, but please note that Endsleigh is not comprehensive medical insurance. Rather, it is travel insurance, which may cover some emergency and routine medical costs. Before departing for Ireland, students should also should check with their current healthcare providers to see if they will provide coverage for medical expenses incurred abroad or consider purchasing an international health insurance plan. After consulting with their current insurance companies, participants can call the Endsleigh 24/7 Helpline at +44 (0) 845 271 4472 (provide your policy reference number-IL9 0067496-when calling) to obtain answers to any more specific coverage questions. Further information can be found in our health insurance section.

We also recommend that students read the following policy documents:

Please print all policy documents and pack them in carry-on luggage.  These documents will be required to clear immigration in Dublin. 

A few important items to play close attention to: 

  • The policy number is IL9 0067496 – participants will need to reference this number whenever a claim is filed with Endsleigh.
  • Endsleigh has an excess payment of £50 – i.e. participants will need to pay the first £50 of each and every individual claim. If a participant is sick and goes to the doctor in Dublin they will personally be responsible for £50 of that visit.
  • Participants are covered for 21 days of European leisure travel. More information about insurance coverage will be provided at the on-site orientation in Dublin.  

Please read through all documents thoroughly before departing for Ireland. It is important to know what expenses participants are responsible for and what expenses insurance will cover.

Endsleigh Contact Numbers

  • 24/7 Medical Helpline for medical care in the UK: +44 (0) 845 271 4472
  • Medical Claims: +44 (0) 203 0609671
  • General Claims: +44 (0) 870 241 3070
  • General Claims outside the UK: +44 124 286 6616