Home > Ireland > Housing & Student Life > Meals Ireland students share common kitchens per apartment in the Blackhall residence and cook their meals themselves. While it may be an initial adjustment for students, with a little perseverance, cooking meals can become a bonding experience for flatmates. 


Most students tend to pick up groceries on their way home from campus.  Listed below are some grocery stores and food markets close to the student residence:

  • Centra: convenience store located next door to Blackhall Place
  • Local butcher: located four doors down from the student residence
  • Market: Europe’s largest fruit, vegetable & flower market (wholesaler) is a five minute walk away
  • Tesco: full-scale grocery store located ten minutes from the student residence (open 7 am – midnight)
  • Shopping Area: Students also have the option of taking a ten minute Luas ride to one of Dublin’s main shopping areas to access discount food retailers: Lidl and Aldi as well as Tesco, Marks & Spencer, a variety of independent fruit and vegetable markets, butchers, bakeries, specialty shops (Asian grocery stores, Polish, Latvian etc...), health food stores and others