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International SOS provides students with access to worldwide, quality health care and emergency assistance services 24-hours a day. This can include access to logistics coordinators, doctors, security professionals and network providers like hospitals, physicians, ambulances and aviation resources. Membership provides students with pre-travel information and advice, rapid response and emergency help, and evacuation capabilities. 

All students have a membership with International SOS included in the program fee. Membership cards are distributed to participants during Pre-departure Orientation (PDO), and on-site staff will have extras for those students unable to attend PDO. While staff will serve as their primary emergency contact, participants can use the International SOS services to locate a nearby, English-speaking doctor while abroad, either in their host countries or while traveling during breaks.

1) Before departure, prepare: 

  • Access accurate, updated information on the International SOS website: View country guides as well as medical and security reports, and sign up for email alerts
  • Call an alarm center for pre-travel information (i.e. vaccination, required medications and travel security concerns)

2) While abroad, stay healthy, safe and secure. Contact International SOS for: 

  • Health, safety and security advice
  • Access to speak with an experienced, Western-trained doctor or security specialist
  • Assistance finding a local doctor or other provider credentialed by their medical staff
  • Information regarding prescription medication or medical equipment
  • Assistance due to the loss of travel documents or legal advice

3) In an emergency, call International SOS immediately to:

  • Arrange for medical transportation or care
  • Coordinate medical fees, when approved
  • Monitor local conditions and receive advice
  • Evacuate to a center of medical excellence if local care is inadequate 
  • Provide help if one's personal safety is at risk
  • Contact family members