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F-1 Student Visa

Note: This information is current as of March 2015. For updated information, please consult with your local embassy. 

For Study in the United States (Spring semester) 
All international participants must apply for a nonimmigrant student visa at a US Embassy/Consulate to start their Spring semester in the US at Northeastern University. For information regarding the requirements for a US Student Visa, please contact your nearest Embassy or Consulate directly.

International students who are admitted in the program are required to submit certain documents to receive a Certificate of Eligibility (normally a Form I-20) in order to apply for an F-1 student visa at a US Consulate or Embassy. Request a Form I-20  through myISSI >>

Once students submit the required documentation, they will then receive their I-20. While our on-site staff can assist in connecting participants with the nearest US Embassy while in Thessaloniki, students must research whether they are able to apply for their F-1 Student Visa while in Greece prior to their arrival in Boston. Failure to conduct this type of research can seriously complicate the F-1 visa process. Participants must be prepared to arrive to campus in Boston by early January. Students will receive an email indicating the exact arrival date and process in mid-October.

For further guidance in obtaining an F-1 Student Visa, please see this F-1 Visa Guide, provided by Northeastern's International Student and Scholar Institute. 

If students have any questions regarding the visa application process they can contact Northeastern’s International Student and Scholar Institute (ISSI) at