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Medical Facilities in Greece
A physician and nurse are available at no cost on ACT's campus for routine and basic health screenings for minor ailments and health advice.  For more serious matters, St. Luke's Hospital, located 5-10 minutes from ACT, accepts all students on a 24-hour basis. Ambulances are available, if needed, at all times. If admitted, students are hospitalized in private rooms. St. Luke’s will accept Visa and Mastercard, but not American Express cards as payment for services rendered. ACT is available to assist with arrangements that students/guardians/insurance officers need to make with hospital personnel and offices.

St. Luke's Hospital
552 36 Panorama
Thessaloniki, Greece

Counseling Services
The ACT Counseling Office is headed by a licensed professional, and students are provided with two free sessions during the semester.  They are referred to off campus specialists if further assessment or treatment is needed.