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The Metropolitan Hotel

N.U.in Greece participants stay in dormitory-style housing at the Metropolitan Hotel, located a short walk from Thessaloniki’s waterfront. Each room is shared by two students, and is equipped with standard furnishings as well as a bathroom with a shower and hair dryer.

Additional amenities include:

  • Television
  • Small refrigerator
  • Air conditioning and heating  
  • Wireless internet throughout the hotel
  • Cleaning service twice a week
  • Breakfast and dinner, daily
  • Access to two conference rooms
  • Laundry service (wash, dry, and iron) for approximately 6.50 Euro per load

Shavers and similar electronic devices must be provided by occupant and used with an adapter.  The use of hot plates, water boilers and irons is forbidden in the rooms, as a protection against fire hazards.

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Participants live and study in Thessaloniki. The largest city in northern Greece, Thessaloniki is a historic city dating back to the time of Alexander the Great, with Byzantine, Roman and Venetian remnants and a beautiful board walk. A university town, with the largest Greek University campus, it is famous for its friendliness, vibrant night life, and beautiful museums, restaurants, cafe and bars. Only an hour away to the east, are the golden beaches of Halikidiki, while toward the south lies Mount Olympus, the seat of the Greek gods, offering breath-taking views.

Mail and Packages
Please be aware that N.U.in participants can receive packages on the ACT campus ONLY.  Packages cannot be delivered to students at the Metropolitan Hotel.  Participants receiving packages may be charged additional fees for delivery of packages from the local post office. Please also note that some packages will be reviewed by customs authorities in Greece.  It is not uncommon for gifts, large amounts of food, electronics, or other items to be taxed before delivery. When mailing items, please use the following address:

Participant Name
c/o Efi Antonakopoulou
International Programs Office
P.O. Box 21021
Pylea, 555 10
Thessaloniki, GREECE