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As computers are not available in the hotel, it is advised that participants bring a laptop with them to Greece. Traveling to and from ACT on a chartered bus adds another layer of safety that should allow students to feel secure bringing their laptops to class.  Most former Greece participants found it helpful to bring their laptops to campus most days.  Although there are computer labs at ACT, space is limited, leading most students to use the ACT computers primarily for printing.  

The hotel is equipped with wireless internet.  It is important to note, however, that US standards for internet access are often quite high, whereas internet availability in Greece can be intermittent. Please be aware that the internet service in the hotel is unlikely to meet the standards of internet access, dependability, and speeds found on Northeastern’s campus.  The Program encourages students to limit their use of streaming internet content such as music and videos while at the hotel as this drastically slows down the internet speed.  Although most participants use Skype to communicate with family and friends, the internet at the hotel can slow down during high-use hours, so participants may need to use these services during off-hours or while on campus at ACT or at a cafe where the internet signal is stronger. The entire ACT campus is equipped with high quality wireless internet.