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Assistance is provided to participants through a variety of channels, including the on-site staff, as well as the support provided by ACT. Being a small college, ACT faculty and professors are often able to give individual support and tend to be aware of academic difficulties.  Professors hold office hours throughout the semester. ACT also provides support with their Writing Center and offers math tutoring to interested students.

While the on-site staff are readily available to provide support and assistance to students, the onus is on the student to reach out for that assistance.

Writing Center
The ACT Writing Center is a service provided to all ACT students throughout their years at ACT. It offers a warm and supportive atmosphere in which students can receive assistance with all writing assignments and with the overall development of their language skills.

The Center operates on an appointment or walk-in basis throughout the academic year, during which times both professional and peer tutors are available to assist students of all levels with improving their written and oral expression. From helping students explore a subject, to working with students to restructure a document for better coherence or unity, to rethinking and revising – the Writing Center tutors are available to provide customized guidance. Students may seek such guidance on their assignments at any stage in the writing process.

The ACT Writing Center is located on the 1st floor of the Bissell Library, and students can either walk-in or schedule an appointment in advance. To contact the Writing Center for an appointment, please call Ms Ruth Sutton, Ms Nicola Kondoyiannis-Zannis or a student tutor on 2310 398 223 or send an e-mail to either or

*Writing Center content from the ACT website