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Students will get around London via public transportation.  The public transportation system is the easiest and most efficient mode of transportation around London.  While navigating the Tube and bus system may be an initial adjustment, students will learn the routes quickly. 

Oyster Cards England students each receive an Oyster Card for zones 1-2 included in the cost of the program. Oyster Cards provide access to the London Underground (The Tube) and the public bus system. 

To use the Oyster card, students will touch it on the yellow discs at barriers at tube stations and as they board buses.   

London Underground: ‘The Tube’

gloucesterThe London Underground is the rail network that runs underground throughout the entire city of London.  All lines have their own names and distinct color used on the Underground map.  When planning a trip, locate which line(s) your stop is on and then follow the signs for that line at interchanges.  The student residence is closest to the Gloucester Road stop.

Students can also use the route planner to help them plan their route and time frame for their trip.  

Public buses
Oyster cards are also valid on London buses. Providing there is not too much traffic, travelling by bus is a great way to explore London above ground and help students learn their surroundings. Unlike the underground, most London buses run all night and can be identified by the letter ‘N’ in front of the number. Some routes may change at night so if students are planning to be out late, they should remember to check the return route

The best buses into central London around Metrogate are the 9, 10 & 52.

For information on trains, taxis, and coach buses, please see FIE’s website.