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2014 N.U.in England Textbook List

Relevant texts must be purchased in time for the first day of class.  ALL students (regardless of their housing) should have their books shipped to Metrogate House: (Name); Metrogate House; 3-7 Queens Gate Terrace, London, SW7 4PE, UK

There are plenty of options when purchasing textbooks for classes:

  • Texts can be purchased through British websites such as Amazon.co.uk, where it may be easier or cheaper to purchase British books
  • Look for used books, and always check Amazon Marketplace as it may be the more economical option
  • There are plenty of price comparison websites for textbooks such as AddALL, BookBrain or BookFinder  
  • Reading packs will be available for puchase at FIE
  • FIE has some second-hand books available for resell. N.U.in participants can reserve these books for £5 by emailing Havina Georgieva (hgeorgieva@fie.org.uk) on a first-come first-served basis with the title of book, your full name, and that you are in The N.U.in Program. The following texts have limited availability for purchase:
    • The Study Skills Handbook
    • Science: a history
    • Ways of Reading: An Anthology for Writers
    • The Story of Art
    • The Shock of the New: Art & the Century of Change
    • Islam: A Very Short Introduction
    • No god but God: The Origins, Evolution and Future of Islam