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Meet the Brits!

Because England students take classes together within their own group, it is easy to overlook the opportunity to get to know Londoners who can enrich their experience socially, culturally, and intellectually. Participants who step out of their comfort zones will gain more cultural understanding, and may develop long-lasting friendships as well. In the words of a former student:

"I believe that it is imperative to explore and discover a new culture other than your own. It opens your eyes. It widens your worldview. Lastly, it truly allows you to appreciate your own culture."

– Allison, England 2011


Below are several recommendations for meeting and interacting with local people in London.

Imperial College Student Union Membership England students have temporary memberships to the Imperial College Student Union. Participants have the opportunity to take advantage of more than 300 active clubs and societies associated with Imperial College, one of Britain’s largest and most established universities. England students may participate in organizations in the following categories: Sports, Social, Recreational, Arts and Entertainment, Academic and Overseas. 

Please note that the Imperial College semester starts in early October.

International Student House

The International Student House (ISH) provides students with another opportunity to engage in student activities in London.  Various ISH events are posted on the dedicated notice board in Foundation House and include everything from sports, music, travel clubs, and karaoke. 


HOST is a voluntary UK organization that aims to help international students make the most of their time in the UK by matching them with a friendly British host family. Students are welcomed into British homes for a short visit, typically for a weekend, and are given an excellent insight into real British family life. Families are located in London and the surrounding towns and countryside. Students can complete a HOST application and submit it to FIE’s Student Life Office.

For more information on all these opportunities, please visit FIE’s website.

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