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Packing List

Provided here is a suggested packing list which can be used as a starting point.

Packing and Climate
Generally, participants should pack as lightly as possible while remembering to bring essential items. This is not an easy task, so we recommend not waiting until the night before to begin packing.  We suggest not over-packing, as rooms may be smaller by American standards, and it is also common for wardrobes and drawers to be shared by roommates. 

Here are some items to consider about London's culture and weather while packing:

Students are encouraged to bring raincoats, an umbrella, and appropriate shoes for wet weather since it rains regularly. We recommend bringing clothes that can be layered and mixed and matched, since the weather will vary greatly. Beachwear such as flip-flops, short skirts, and light dresses are normally not appropriate in London. The weather never gets hot enough to warrant these types of clothes, and revealing garments are not common dress among Londoners.

Month Avg. Low Avg.4High Avg. Precipitation
August 60°F 73°F 1.72 in
September 56°F 67°F 1.96 in
October 51°F 60°F 2.78 in
November 46°F 53°F 2.29 in


Other items to consider while abroad in England:

An adapter is a device that will allows American appliances to be plugged into UK outlets. They can be purchased at any electronics store for about $5. Participants may want to consider buying a universal adapter for use outside of the UK if they are planning to travel during breaks.

Voltage Converter
The electricity supply in the UK is 240 volts alternating at a frequency of 50 Hertz. Check whether the electrical goods brought from the US can work at this voltage. Some electrical appliances will require a converterWe strongly recommend that participants purchase items like hair straighteners and blow dryers in England to ensure compatibility. It is possible that the US versions of these appliances will either not work in England or will be ruined when used repeatedly with a converter.

Please read through all of the information provided by Advantage Travel and the airline, as participants are responsible for any excess baggage fees. Also, think carefully about saving space in your suitcase to bring items back!

We also strongly advise students to review the travel restrictions outlined on both the US Government website and the London Heathrow Airport website to avoid any unnecessary issues with departure from the United States or arrival into England.