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One of the goals of The Program is to foster the development of a tightly-knit community. One avenue for community-building is programming, planned by both FIE and staff. International Student Advisors (ISAs) are involved in planning weekly, free, or low-cost activities to encourage students to come together for some fun. Please note that the following are examples from past years, and that programming varies from year to year. Activities & Excursions

  • Bath and Stonehenge – a day trip to visit the natural hot springs of Bath and the iconic prehistoric monument, Stonehenge 
  • Edinburgh, Scotland – students have the opportunity to explore the city and hike up to Arthur’s Seat to experience an incredible panoramic view of the city
  • Chelsea Football Game – students see one of the UK’s most beloved teams in action
  • Iron Chef Cooking Competition – using the cooking skills they develop over the semester, students go head to head in a cook-off
  • Pumpkin Carving – students celebrate Halloween with a taste of home, decorating and carving pumpkins
  • Ice Skating – as the weather turns cold, students venture to the Natural History Museum to enjoy outdoor skating

FIE-Sponsored Excursions

  • Day Trip to Brighton – students escape to the seaport town of Brighton for a day of relaxed exploration of a different side of England
  • London Eye Trip – students venture to this iconic London site to see a new and exciting view of the city
  • The Beatles Walking Tour – a tour of the major Beatles sites, including the famous Abbey Road
Co-curricular Activities England courses use the city of London as a learning laboratory, and whenever possible get students into the multi-cultural and vibrant streets of London.  Past participants have visited places such as the Houses of Parliament, the Globe Theatre, and the British Museum.