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Faculty Mentors
FIE faculty and staff will provide one hour of academic resource support to their assigned advisee groups. Sessions consists of three 20-minute meetings: an introductory session to learn more about the student’s academic background and expectations coming to study with FIE; a second, 20-minute meeting that functions as a mid-semester review; and a third, 20-minute meeting as an end of semester review. Failure to attend these sessions will result in the students receiving an official mark of absent.

Writing Assistance
Writing support is available upon mutual agreement between a Writing Support Tutor (WST) and the student. WSTs help with all phases of the writing process: getting started, editing a draft and revising the submission of a paper returned by an instructor. Students must email the WSTs at for an appointment and it must be at least 48 business hours in advance of a requested session. Initial appointments are always in person and subsequent appointments can be conducted electronically. Cancellation is needed at least 24 business hours in advance via email. If a student fails to attend a session with no advance notice, he/she will not be granted another time for the next two weeks. The length of a face-to-face tutorial varies depending upon a student’s needs, but typically lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour. Submissions are limited to two per week and resubmitting a draft for a complete review counts as a second submission. However, students are permitted (and encouraged) to ask for clarification on tutor comments.