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Yanina Rovinski 

Environment and Development Professor

Yanina Rovinski is a journalist who specializes in science and environmental subjects. Ms. Rovinski studied Chemistry at the University of Costa Rica and later obtained a Master's degree in Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley. She designed and directed the Communications Department for Central America at the "Union Mundial para la Naturaleza" (UICN). She was an Advising Minister at the Embassy of Costa Rica in France, where she contributed to facilitating the inclusion of Cocos Island on the list of "Patrimonio de la Humanidad." She is currently working as an independent consultant in communication.

Nicolette Baker 

Latin America: A Mirror of Reality Through Film Professor

Nicolette Baker holds a B.A in Film and Literature from the University of Warwick, England, and is currently in the process of obtaining her M.A in Second Languages and Cultures from the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica. Additionally, she has also taken various courses on Literature, Education, and Music at the Universidad de Costa Rica. Before becoming the administrative art director of Sala Garbo—a prestigious independent movie theatre in Costa Rica—she worked as a ballet professor, one of her passions, along with swimming, reading, and theatre.

Joaquín Lizano 

Culture, Society, and Development Professor

Joaquín Lizano works as an Intercultural Competence trainer with Global Solutions Group and is the Costa Rica Program Coordinator for Institute for Global Education. He teaches for Universidad Veritas in San José and has taught for US universities as well, in areas such as Intercultural Communication and Competence, Human Rights in Latin America, International Economics in Latin America, and Critical Issues in Latin American Development and Migration. He also co-managed Voices and Actions against Xenophobia and Exclusion, a web-list dedicated to fostering respect for differences. His undergraduate studies were in International Business and his graduate studies in Communications, with an emphasis on Intercultural Communication at Universidad de Costa Rica. He is fluent in Spanish, French and English.

Iriana Chaves Acosta 

Introduction to Health Care in Latin America Professor

Iriana Chaves is a Registered Nurse, with a Master´s degree in Administration of Sustainable Health Services and a Business Specialty in Project Management. Her professional career includes experience both in public health systems and private services, and she is currently the Quality Improvement Coordinator of Hospital Clínica Bíblica in San José. Ms. Chaves also serves as an active member in the Council for the International Promotion of Costa Rica Medicine, and has performed consulting services for hospitals in Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia and Venezuela.

Milagro Camacho 

Spanish Coordinator / Professor

Milagro Camacho has a Master's degree in Spanish as a Second Language and Hispanic Literature, as well as a Bachelor's degree in Spanish Philology from the University of Costa Rica. Ms. Camacho was the Director of the Instituto Profesional de Español para Extranjeros (IPEE) and has a vast experience in teaching Spanish as a Second Language at various universities, including Veritas University, Universidad de Costa Rica, International Center for Human Development, Forester Instituto Internacional de Idiomas and American Business Academy.

Marta Madrigal 

Spanish Coordinator / Professor

Professor Marta Madrigal holds a B.A. and a Licenciatura degree in Spanish Philology, as well as a Master’s degree in Spanish as a Second Language from the University of Costa Rica. She is currently working on her thesis towards a M.A. in Latin American Literature. Professor Madrigal has ample experience in teaching Spanish as a Second Language in several language academies and institutes. She is currently a faculty member in the Department of Philology, Linguistics and Literature at Universidad de Costa Rica, teaching several courses, such as Spanish Grammar, Spanish Morphology and Syntax, and Spanish Composition.