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Medical Facilities in Costa Rica
Costa Rica has high-quality and low-cost health care. Costa Rican doctors are known for their kindness and most of them speak English. ICDS recommends that students visit Hospital Clínica Bíblica for their healthcare needs while in Costa Rica. Clínica Bíblica, accredited by the US Joint Commission, is a large, private hospital with English-speaking doctors and nurses. Clínica Bíblica has a small practice in Mall San Pedro (a short bus ride from ULatina and homestays) where students can see a doctor with or without an appointment for basic healthcare needs. Students must pay for healthcare services out of pocket, and then submit the bills to their insurance providers once back in their country of origin.

Local Doctor
Sucursal Clínica Bíblica Mall San Pedro
Centro commercial Mall San Pedro, primera planta

Emergency Medical Facilities
Hospital Clínica Bíblica
Calle Central y primera, avenida 14 y 16 
San José, Costa Rica

Counseling Services
ICDS has a counselor on staff who facilitates the orientation at the beginning of the semester, and is available during office hours and by appointment to meet with students. If you have any concerns that you would like to notify the counselor about, please email