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International Center for Development Studies (ICDS)

The Costa Rica program partners with the International Center for Development Studies. Areas of ICDS expertise, both as an organization and within the academic realm of ICDS professors, include the environment, social justice, sustainable tourism, human rights, health sciences, international business, rural and urban development, and Latin American cinema and literature. ICDS faculty members are both academics and leading practitioners in their fields. They participate in research and education simultaneously, and their first-hand experiences represent tremendous resources in the human rights and sustainable development fields. 

Costa Rica provides the perfect backdrop for students to gain knowledge and first-hand experience in these areas of study, as the country has an incredible respect for human rights and is leading the way in sustainable tourism and development in Latin America. In addition, Costa Rica includes many microclimates; the country’s natural beauty includes two gorgeous coasts, waterfalls, jungles, volcanoes, national parks, beaches, lakes, and a diversity of amazing animals. This fascinating and beautiful setting makes Costa Rica the perfect place for experiential learning.