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The grading system in Costa Rica is similar to that used in the US, meaning grades will appear similar to what most American students are used to seeing. Official transcripts for the Costa Rica program are issued by ULatina, and will be mailed to the Program office in Boston after completion of the fall semester. They will be distributed at a set time and place, and then available for pick-up from our office.  In order to receive transfer credit, students must attain a grade of “C” or better in the US grading system.  

In accordance with Northeastern’s transfer credit policies, participants’ final grades will not appear on their Northeastern transcripts or count toward their GPAs.  Each student's Northeastern degree audit and official transcript will only reflect that he or she has received credit for a course, but not the grade itself.  However, if a student decides to transfer to a different school or applies for further educational opportunities or scholarships, official transcripts from all institutions attended will typically be requested.