Course Registration

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Participants register for courses online through their myNEU portals starting on May 1. Once logged into the portal, the course registration site is reached by clicking on the “Self-service” tab, and then “The Program.” It will look similar to what is seen here.

Course Registration must be completed by May 15. Participants receive a confirmation email after registering to confirm the course selections, but will not receive schedules (with days and times) until they arrive to their location.

Course Changes
After May 15, our partners begin to prepare their resources and have a number of elements to consider, including classroom space, number of sections for each course, scheduling, availability of faculty, etc. Participants wishing to change a course after May 15 may do so only if it is deemed “academically necessary” by their Northeastern academic advisor; any other reason for a course change will not qualify. To request a course change that is academically necessary, please with “COURSE CHANGE REQUEST” in the subject line of the email. Do not email for a course change if you are requesting it because of AP/IB/other college credit.

Please Note: Participants who receive AP/IB/other college credit will have their schedules adjusted by their academic advisors in mid-July during Pre-departure Orientation (PDO), and then confirmed before departure. If students have a choice among a number of courses, will contact them regarding their preference after PDO.