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Financial Aid Eligibility 
During the Fall semester of The Program, students who file for financial aid are considered for need-based Northeastern funding only. Grants, loans, and work awards from federal and state sources can be used beginning with the spring semester for students who qualify. All supplemental loans, including the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan, are available to students and parents beginning with the spring semester as well.

Payment Plan 
The University offers interest-free monthly payment plans administered through TuitionPay. The TuitionPay plan allows families to divide costs interest-free over several months for a nominal fee. There is a 5 month plan available for budgeting the Fall semester’s cost and a 10 or 11 month plan for budgeting the Fall and Spring terms' cost combined. Payments start as early as June 15. More information is available here

Financial Aid at Northeastern University
Northeastern combines academic excellence with affordability to make your investment pay off. More than 80 percent of Northeastern students receive some form of financial aid. Your family's financial need, your academic promise, and the availability of University funds determine how much aid you receive. Supplemental loans and external scholarships may provide additional financial support. In order to be eligible for need-based financial aid, a student must be a US citizen or a Permanent Resident.

The Office of Student Financial Services prides itself on offering expert advice, friendly service, and personalized support. Regardless of your family income, consider applying for financial aid. Northeastern offers more than $135 million in grant and scholarship assistance, participates in all federal aid programs and offers information on alternative financing and the Northeastern Payment Plan. Student Financial Services can answer any questions you have. The priority filing date for financial aid applications is February 15.

The two required forms are available online:

Payment Deadline
The deadline to settle a student's account will vary depending on the payment option.  

Payment Plan

  • For students enrolled in a 5-month or 11-month payment plan, the deadline for the first payment is June 15.
  • For students enrolled in a 10-month payment plan, the deadline for the first payment is July 15.

Pay in Full

  • The deadline for Australia students to pay in full is July 15