Disability Accommodations

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Fall 2015 Semester

If a participant requires services and accommodations during the fall semester abroad because of a disability, please forward supporting documentation to the N.U.in office directly by May 15. Students must upload their documentation by logging into their myNEU portal, clicking the "Self Service" tab, and then "The N.U.in Program" link. Since eligibility does not automatically transfer from high school to college, it is crucial to begin the registration process as soon as possible after enrolling. Accommodations vary at each N.U.in location and will be at the discretion of the host institution.

Swinburne is committed to increasing and enhancing practices and educational opportunities for people with disabilities. Disability Liaison Officers are available and fully participate by determining participants’ needs and clarifying the necessary information to be passed on to academic staff.

Spring 2016 Semester

Please be aware that the Northeastern Disability Resource Center (DRC) also requires documentation for services and accommodations needed in the spring semester, separately from those accommodations a participant may receive during the fall semester. Students must provide this information to the DRC even if they have previously provided the documentation to The N.U.in Program. For more information about the accommodations in the spring, please contact the DRC at 617.373.2675.