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One of the goals of The Program is to foster the development of a tightly-knit community. One avenue for community-building is programming, planned by both SUT and staff. International Student Advisors (ISAs) are involved in planning weekly, free, or low-cost activities to encourage students to come together for some fun. Please note that the following are examples from past years, and that programming varies from year to year.

Past Activities & Excursions

  • Sydney – A weekend trip to visit Sydney allows students to explore its iconic sites like the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. 
  • Great Ocean Road – Amazing views of the 12 Apostles are seen as students venture out along the Great Ocean Road.
  • Footy Game – Students take in an exciting game of Australian Rules Football, a combination of rugby and football unique to Australia.
  • Top Chef  – Using the cooking skills they develop over the semester, students go head to head in a cook-off.
  • Open Mic Night – Students get the chance to show off their talents and cheer each other on during an open mic night held at a local cafe.
  • Royal Botanic Gardens – As the weather begins to warm up, students enjoy an outing in Melbourne to see this historic site, dating back to 1846.

Past SUT-Sponsored Excursions

  • Healesville Sanctuary – During On-site Orientation, participants get their first taste of Australian wildlife as they learn more about Aussie culture.
  • Surfing in Torquay – Students have the opportunity to learn how to surf at one of the best surfing locations in Australia.
  • Phillip Island – Students take time to explore Australia's natural habitat and wildlife on this weekend excursion.