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The N.U.in Program is a great fit for those who would like to engage in a personally challenging and academically integrated experience with an international edge. The N.U.in Program provides a truly transformative experience to students who are ready for the challenge. As a result of their time abroad, N.U.in alumni are adventurous, bold, ambitious, intellectually curious, reflective, and independent individuals who engage in their own learning. They share a passion for the world and thrive in their community. N.U.in students are well-prepared for translating their knowledge into marketable assets throughout college and in the future.

Admitting students into The N.U.in Program provides enrollment opportunities to talented candidates whom we are unable to accommodate in the fall because of the competitiveness of our applicant pool. Given the large numbers of well-prepared students who apply to Northeastern, N.U.in is for those who wish to be part of our dynamic community and to participate in our co-op and experiential learning programs. The program is a unique first-year experience that will provide students with the support to develop as innovators with the skills to differentiate themselves in the classroom, the job market, and beyond. 

The N.U.in Program is very different from a traditional study abroad experience. Two of these unique strengths include our N.U.in staff, and our Service-Learning component.

N.U.in Staff

The foundation of our program is the N.U.in staff who provide a structured environment in which students can grow as globally aware, independent, mature, and confident individuals. This supportive, on-site staff is fully dedicated to crafting an experience that is customized specifically for first-year students. Throughout the program, the staff encourages students to find their own voice and develop their maturity and independence. 


The unique Service-Learning component of The N.U.in Program allows students to further integrate into their new international community as they develop meaningful relationships with community-based organizations and practice a range of professional and cross-cultural skills. This experiential learning opportunity prepares students to enter their Northeastern career with diverse perspectives, and fosters the skillsets they need to be globally oriented leaders.

2015 Program Brochure

Check back in February 2015 for our 2015 Program Brochure!