Chelsea Creighton

Home > About > Student Stories > Chelsea Creighton Ireland, 2011 alum Chelsea Creighton looks back at her experience in Dublin, Ireland as a wonderful self-learning experience that helped prepare her for her time in Boston. Despite concerns about adjusting to a new country in her first semester of college, Chelsea recognized the adjustment that would be required for any first-semester college experience decided to dive in and embrace the opportunity. “No matter what college I went to I would have to adapt and get used to being a college student, so the opportunity to do this abroad was the perfect way to get out of my comfort zone and become my own person. The program is a great way to get to know yourself, build lasting friendships and have an unforgettable semester.”

Chelsea recalls her first travel experience with her new classmates to Galway, in the Irish countryside. “This trip was where I really got to know the people in my program and started to build great friendships.” These friendships also made the transition back to Boston easier for Chelsea. “When you come back, you have a week before the rest of the students get here to adapt to campus with your close friends from your location so that you’re comfortable to get involved with Northeastern.”