Election Night!

ITS ELECTION NIGHT! Come make NUHOC great some more! Elect the fearless leaders who will lead us through a new era of trips!

And if you feel like your vote doesn’t matter, or your just a textbook anarchist, then forget the elections and sign up for upcoming trips including loj olympics, parents weekend and more!

Or even do both! You patriot, you….

Meeting is at 7:30 in 312 Ell Hall!


Meeting tomorrow!

Come fheel dee luuv of dah islahnd mahn! Boston Harbor Islands, intro to Sailing, work weekend, loj olympics, whitewater kayaking, parents weekend and more are coming up! Sign ups and fun await at this week’s meeting: tomorrow, 7/20 @ 7:30 in 312 Ell Hall

Now that Pokemon has gotten you in shape, come play conventional sports after the meeting! Football, baseball, and pokèball are all on the table.

Tinkle, drip, clank… at meeting tomorrow!

Helllloooo NUHOC!

The wheels on the bike go round and round; the wind in the sail goes swish flip flap; and the water pump being cleaned by NUHOCers goes tinkle drip clank, tinkle drip clank all through the woods… Oh, not familiar with this little jingle? Then come learn it and more campfire songs at the exciting events being announced at this week’s meeting, including: the cape cod bike trip, intro to sailing, Boston Harbor Islands camping, and work weekend at the loj!
The meeting is this Wednesday at 7:30 in 312 Ell Hall.
Come out for water polo, soccer, or another conventional sport after the meeting!

Four storms and seven flurries ago…

Helllloooo NUHOC!
This week’s meeting will surely leave you envisioning a bicycle quest across the cape adorned with symbolisms of liberty and justice in quest of a snowy reprieve after entrapment upon a desolate island in the Atlantic.
If this sounds enticing to you, and want to hear this fantasy developed further, then join us for our meeting tonight at 7:30 in 312 Ell Hall!

Meeting Tomorrow!

Do you love hitting the trails….. with SHOVELS!?!?! Or maybe you think you’re American enough to ski in July? Well if either is the case, come to tomorrow’s meeting to hear more about the Shelburne trails work day, the patriotic search for snow, the cape cod bike trip, Boston harbor islands camping, and more!

Meeting is tomorrow, June 8, in 312 Ell Hall at 7:30!

Summer E-board Elections

The last meeting of the semester is tomorrow night at 7:30 in 108 Snell Engineering. E-board elections for the summer will take place, followed by a NUHOC dining hall invasion! Bring your votes to the meeting and guest swipes to which ever dining hall gets the most votes on the facebook page.
Think this is a new world record or something. Bummed The Pretzel Man, Tommy Walnuts didn’t at least 270 out: https://vimeo.com/163396134

Jorts Jamboree!

Busy meeting tomorrow night at 7:30 in 108 Snell Engineering. First off we are holding the first ever JORTS JAMBOREE Potluck! Yes, you heard right, spring has sprung so it’s time to dig out your favorite pair of jorts and don them to the meeting. Bring some food along to share as well! While we marvel at each other’s denim we will also be voting for superlatives and nominating for summer E-Board.
In the spirit of Jorts Jamboree and Reggae Fest this weekend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJKlT2_tF-I