Welcome to Northeastern University Center for Renewable Energy Technology (NUCRET).

The Center aims to be at the frontier of science and technology of clean energy conversion and storage. The range of Center’s efforts includes materials science, advanced in situ spectroscopy, micro-fabrication methods and manufacturing technology. Besides research our overall activities include education, outreach and entrepreneurship. The Center represents a multidisciplinary team effort including chemists, physicists, engineers and economist/policy analysts.Our collaborative efforts include worldwide partners dedicated to clean energy and water.


Led by its Faculty Director Dr. Sanjeev Mukerjee, a Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, NUCRET leads the national and worldwide effort in developing the fuel cells of the future based on the platinum free catalysts, as well as novel chemistries for advanced rechargeable batteries for real life applications ranging from portable power to large scale energy storage (lithium-ion, lithium-air, lithium-oxygen, sodium-air, hydrogen-bromine).



Conveniently located on Northeastern University campus in the heart of the city of Boston, the “College Capital” of America and a hub for frontline scientific research, NUCRET is in the unique position to take charge of the cutting edge research in renewable energy, storage, conservation and harvesting in collaboration with leading research institutions and companies in Massachusetts, and across the Globe.