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Trauma Treatment Guidelines

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Funding Type:           Operating, Program, or Capacity Building

Funding Amount:    $10,000

Funding Locations: Boston Neighborhoods of Mission Hill, Fenway, Roxbury, South End

Funding Date:           April 2014


Northeastern Students4Giving (NS4G) is a philanthropy education program that enables students to make a positive and lasting impact in the communities where we live and learn through grant making. We make grants to community-based nonprofit organizations that address critical economic and social challenges facing the Boston neighborhoods of Mission Hill, Fenway, Roxbury, and the South End. Through our grant making and volunteer work, we further strengthen the relationship between the Northeastern University community, our grantees, and the neighborhoods they serve.

Since 2008, students have used a consensus-based approach to manage all stages of the NS4G funding cycle, from conducting needs assessments through making grant determinations. Past funding priorities have included youth violence, households at risk due to financial insecurity, positive youth development, thriving families, intimate partner violence, post-incarceration reintegration, and mental health. Our philanthropy is informed by coursework in human services and nonprofit management as well as many experiences students have had working and volunteering in the nonprofit sector. NS4G is advised by NS4G Program Director Rebecca Riccio and Human Services Director Lori Gardinier, MSW, PhD. Our decision making is completely independent of any other relationships applicants may have with the university.

Current Funding Priority

During the 2014 grant cycle, funding will be provided to an organization addressing the effects of trauma on individuals and communities within Boston.  This grant is intended to help individuals and communities that have experienced trauma as the result of a single event, a series of events, or a set of circumstances over an extended period of time.  Services must be informed by an understanding of the lasting and diverse effects trauma may have on clients’ physical and mental health and overall quality of life, as well as on their families and communities. Services may be directed toward any population affected by trauma, including children and youths who have been victims of or witnesses to persistent violence in their neighborhood, first responders, combat veterans, immigrants and refugees who have escaped war or conflict, and victims of abuse or assault.   We will also consider requests from organizations addressing the needs of victims and witnesses of the Boston Marathon bombing that are not addressed by the One Fund, but individuals are not eligible to apply for this grant.  These examples are illustrative, not exhaustive.

What We Will Fund

We will award one $10,000 grant to address a need of the organization’s choosing, including program support, operating and administrative expenses, or capacity building.  Applicants will be asked to specify how they intend to use the grant; how it will improve their overall ability to address the effects of trauma among Boston residents; and how they will know whether it has been used successfully. Applicants must demonstrate an existing commitment to this funding priority, expertise in trauma, and deep familiarity with the population served.  We look favorably on applications from organizations working collaboratively with public agencies, other nonprofit organizations, and other stakeholders, but we will award the funding only to the applicant.

Eligibility and Application Process

NS4G will only fund registered 501(c)(3) organizations based in or serving one or more of our target communities:  Mission Hill, Fenway, Roxbury, and South End. We welcome applications from faith-based organizations provided that the purpose of the grant is wholly secular. As part of their selection process, students will request a limited number of finalists to accommodate a site visit. Results will be announced in April 2014. At the conclusion of the grant period, the recipient will be asked to submit a report on their use of the grant.  Past NS4G grantees are not eligible to apply.

NS4G seeks clarity of purpose, a deep understanding of the need(s) being addressed and the community being served, credible strategies for achieving and measuring impact, sound management and governance, and fiscal responsibility in the organizations we fund. Our hope is that our application process will benefit all applicants by exposing them to a larger pool of funders.  Therefore, we are asking applicants to complete a two-step process: 1) submit a brief NS4G Grant Application; and 2) upload an organizational profile to the Boston Foundation’s Giving Common website. The Giving Common is a free online resource that facilitates philanthropy by making it easier for nonprofit organizations to showcase the good work they do and for potential donors to find and fund them. To learn more about our rationale for working with the Giving Common, please visit our FAQ by clicking here.

Important Dates and Information
  • The NS4G Grant Application and Giving Common profile must be completed by March 7, 2014. Please allow sufficient time for your Giving Common profile to be processed. We recommend submitting your information to The Boston Foundation by February 14, 2014, if possible.
  • Grant awards will be announced in early April 2014.
  • For more information about the Giving Common and support for completing your profile, please contact Katherine Westlund Scott, Manager, Nonprofit Effectiveness, at givingcommon@tbf.org or 617-338-1624.
  • For more information about NS4G and our application process, please contact NS4G Program Director Rebecca Riccio at r.riccio@neu.edu or 617-373-4020.
Application Materials
  • For the 2014 NS4G Application for Trauma Treatment, please click here.
  • To complete your submission by creating a Giving Common profile, please click here.
  • For the FAQ about our application process, please click here.
  • For the guidelines for a separate grant in the area of diversity and inclusion, please click here. Organizations may only compete for one NS4G grant during the 2014 funding cycle.

NS4G gratefully acknowledges the Learning by Giving Foundation for funding this grant.