Upcoming Exhibits


Emerald Networks: Reviving the Legacy of City Parks
March 18th through April 27th
The Humanities Center, CSSH, and Gallery 360 brings the work of Gina Ford and Sasaki Associates to Northeastern for an exhibit with a focus on green city spaces—their history, how they have
been designed and continue to be designed, and the ways in which they are represented in the arts and literature.

T+IP: Things + Intellectual Property
March 12th through May 17th
grew from the realization that new inexpensive hand-held 3D scanners have the potential to be the most disruptive of all emerging 3D technologies. Unlike complex 3D design software, to create a 3D model from scratch, the user simply sweeps the surface of an object.

We believe that, easy-to-use 3D scanning means our culture is entering a new age of object plasticity and malleability. This is a massive paradigm shift, as for all of human experience the physical world has been governed by object permanence. With ubiquitous 3D scanning, we must now begin to reconfigure how we think about the physical world as it is captured, morphed, traded, re-contextualized and sold.

T+IP was a Fall semester 2014, semester-long directed study. We used a portable, hand-held 3D scanners in order to explore new uses for and ideas around the technology. This resulted in physical sculptures, conversations and legal thesis, that act as our response to what we believe may be the effects of 3D scanning on society.

The results of this project will be shown in a public exhibition, Spring 2015 at Gallery 360 and permanently online.