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The NIEC is offering a webinar series on the topic of teaching interpreting.  Stay tuned for more information!

We have an updated archived webinar!  Webinars are listed in descending chronological order, scroll down for information on all of our archived webinars.
The NIEC and NURIEC announce a co-sponsored webinar:

Novice Interpreters Speak Up: Reflections on Entry to Practice
A Panel of Deaf Interpreters and Deaf Parented Interpreters

February 11, 2016
7:00-8:30 p.m. Eastern Time

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Novice Deaf interpreters and Deaf parented interpreters engage in dialogue as they reflect on their entry to practice experiences.

Objectives- participants will:

    ● Identify educational resources that panelists found beneficial upon entry into the field.
    ● Identify educational gaps unique to panelists upon entry into the field.
    ● Engage with novice interpreters on the topic of “entry to practice” issues.

Trenton Marsh
Trenton MarshTrenton Marsh is a full time staff CDI at the Sanderson Community Center of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has been certified since about 2005. Trenton first got involved with interpreting as a language mentor to students at the Front Range Community College in Colorado. Later, he bumped into Gino Gouby, a childhood friend who first introduced him to the world of CDIs. Soon afterwards, after a move to Utah for even better skiing, he got involved with mentoring interpreters again at the Community Center and decided to pursue CDI certification. Since then, Trenton has worked in a variety of settings, including medical, legal and platform. His platform work includes two CIT conferences, the 2007 Deaf Winterlympics Opening Ceremonies and several other local and regional conferences. Trenton is now busy teaching his kids to ski and race BMX among many other hobbies!

Kat Daviton-Burland
Kat Daviton-BurlandHailing from New York City, Kat Daviton-Burland lives and works in Rochester, New York as an American Sign Language Interpreter. Aiming to becoming a nationally Certified Deaf Interpreter, she had attended workshops with Carole Lazorisak, Eileen Forestal, and most recently, Keven Poore. Kat has performed various interpreting and translating tasks over the past few decades – either as a part of her prior employment, as a direct contractor, or as a volunteer, such as interpreting meetings at Helen Keller National Center or as an ASL translation consultant at a musical festival. She has also been actively involved in both Deaf and Deaf/Blind communities.
Kat earned a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Social Work at New York University, and a Master’s degree in Social Work at the School of Social Work, Hunter College/CUNY. In addition to her experience interpreting and translating, Kat has leadership experience as a social worker, assistant program director, and workshop presenter.

Jethro “Jet” Griffin
Jethro Jethro Griffin aka Jet- is a Deaf parented individual. Jet was raised by a father who, at an early age, experienced segregation at the Tennessee School for the Deaf, and a foreign mother who attended the Deaf School in the Philippines prior to migrating to the states immediately after marrying the TSD alumn. Jet’s experience preceding formal interpreter training entailed not only a rich exposure to ASL but also Black ASL along with a more English influenced Filipino Signed Language– FSL. Jet realized his CODA identity when he entered a formal interpreter education program. He believes that his experience within an IEP is an experience other CODAs share. Jet recalls experiencing microagressions and distractions within the academic realm. Simultaneously, he also recognizes the benefits of the information learned. Currently Jet holds a primary position as a community and staff interpreter at the Deaf owned non profit organization known as Knoxville Center of the Deaf- KCD. He also works part time at Sorenson Communications Inc. as a video interpreter.

Milmaglyn “Milly” Morales
Jethro Milmaglyn “Milly” Morales was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and moved to Connecticut when she was two years old after her Spanish-speaking family discovered that she was deaf. She has 3 brothers. Two of her brothers worked at the American School for the Deaf, where she went for her educational experience, as residential counselors. Milly graduated from University of Hartford with a Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education and from Central Connecticut State University with a Masters degree in Special Education. In addition, she took and completed the Road to Deaf Interpreting training program. She has been interpreting and translating for five years voluntarily in DeafBlind and Latinx Communities. She has also worked as a mentor for Educational Interpreters and taught ASL classes for many years including Deaf Culture and Deaf People. She is currently Connecticut certified in Special Education and working for the American School for the Deaf – Birth to Three Program as service coordinator/teacher. Milly currently serves as the vice president of a non-profit organization known as Council de Manos. Her next plan is to take CDI written exam sometime this year.

Janina Witteborg
Janina WitteborgJanina Witteborg is a CODA from Northern California. She casually interpreted ‘on the side’ for 15 years before deciding to get serious and pursue further education and certifications. Now a senior at the University of Northern Colorado’s Interpreting Program and awaiting her final NIC results, Janina is excited for the opportunities that lie ahead. Janina’s current work environment includes K-12, post-secondary, VRS, and community.

Target Audience:

Interpreting educators, mentors, program administrators, interpreters and others interested in interpreter education.


Northeastern University is approved by the RID CMP to sponsor Continuing Education Activities. This workshop is offered for .15 CEUs or ACET credits in the Content Area of Professional Studies and has an Instruction level of Teaching.

Thank you to the Regional Interpreter Education Center at Northeastern University (NURIEC) for CEU sponsorship.


Service Learning, Mentoring, and Internship: A Vital Part of Interpreter Education
Original Date Thursday January 14, 2016

This webinar will provide participants with an overview of the philosophy of a community integrated approach to learning. With a focus on adopting and/or enhancing the approach into their respective interpreter education programs, participants will be led through a discussion of available tools and resources.

Novice Interpreters Speak Up: Reflections on Preparation to Profession
Original Date Thursday December 10, 2015

This webinar highlighted a panel of novice interpreters as they engaged in dialogue to reflect on their experiences from preparation within their respective interpreter education programs and transition into their professional lives.

NCIEC Teaching Interpreting Media Video Collections Overview
Original Date Thursday November 12, 2015

This webinar will provide an overview of the newest video collections available in Teaching Interpreting Media (TIM). Formerly only available on DVDs, the following content is now online:
Deaf Interpreters at Work: Mock Trial
Highly Effective Court Interpreting Teams in Action
Interpreting in Spanish-Influenced Settings
Interpreting in Vocational Rehabilitation Settings
ASL Narratives

Interpreting in Spanish-Influenced Settings: A Curriculum Guide Panel Discussion
Co-sponsored by NIEC and NURIEC
Original Date Thursday June 25, 2015 7:00 p.m. EDT

This webinar features a panel of trilingual (ASL/Spanish/English) interpreter educators discussing their plans to teach in a variety of formats using the brand new Curriculum Guide. Panelists explain how to access the Curriculum Guide as well as other print and video resources created for use with the Guide.

NCIEC Curricular Resources for Preparing Legal and Court Interpreters
Original date- Monday April 13, 2015 7:00 p.m. EDT

The NCIEC has developed a series of training packages and modules for preparing interpreters to work in the legal setting. Five training packages are designed to provide some foundation skills for Deaf and hearing interpreters in various aspects of legal interpreting. Five additional modules have been developed specifically for CDIs to work in the legal setting. A group of trainers have been trained to implement these trainings. This webinar will provide an overview of the training materials and guide practitioners regarding how to gain further access to the learning materials and trainer contact information.

Case Studies for Interpreting in Healthcare Settings
Original Date 3/16/15

This webinar will introduce participants to the case study manual and guide them in the ways that these cases could be used by a variety of individuals: interpreters who currently work in healthcare, interpreters who have not yet worked in these settings, and student interpreters. A framework for discussion of these cases is Dean and Pollard’s demand control schema, but cases could be analyzed using other approaches.

Highly Effective Interpreting Teams” DVD Set and Workbook for Court Interpreting Webinar
Original date Monday, January 12, 2015-7:00 p.m.

Courtrooms are among the most demanding settings for interpreters. The “Highly Effective Interpreting Teams” DVD Set and Workbook are designed to assist legal interpreters seeking to enhance their skills and ability to work effectively in Deaf Interpreter/Hearing Interpreter teams. The NCIEC disseminated a limited number of the DVDs and Workbooks to individuals who ordered them. This webinar will provide an overview of the content and some pointers as to how to get the most out of the materials.

Archived Webinar:  Deaf Interpreter Curriculum–A Panel Discussion
Co-sponsored by NIEC and NURIEC
Original date 1/5/15

Join us for a lively discussion among a panel of Deaf Interpreter (DI) trainers on the content and promise of the newly unveiled DI Curriculum. The panelists discuss the rationale for a distinctive curriculum for preparing Deaf interpreters; plans for implementation; and where you can find information that will help you take advantage of this resource.

Archived Webinar:  Teaching Interpreting Media (TIM)
Original date 1/5/15

This webinar will be an exploration of NCIEC online educational resources featuring our new video repository, Teaching Interpreting Media (TIM). The first catalog of videos we will explore is the TerpTalks collection of 50+ monologues in English and ASL. Educators and mentors will find this, and other online resources from NCIEC, a rich resource for use with students and mentees.

Social Justice in Interpreting-Resources for Educators
Original date 9-15-14

ASL/English interpreters are intimate witnesses of Deaf people’s lives. As such, working with an awareness of issues of oppression and empowerment is crucial. This presentation highlights the content of a newly developed 6-hour customizable Teaching Module for the IEP Classroom on the topic of social justice in interpreting for the classroom.

Archived Webinar:  Reflective Practice in Healthcare through Case Study Groups
Original date June 16, 2014

This webinar will introduce participants to a model of developing reflective practice for healthcare interpreters through the use of case study groups. It will describe the need for this, and outline the steps to be taken to become a participant and/or a facilitator of this type of group. Dean and Pollard’s Demand Control-Schema will be the framework used for case study, and participants will learn how they can develop the expertise to employ this framework.

Archived Webinar: Here’s to Your Health: Infusing Healthcare into Interpreter Education Programs
Original date 5/5/14

This presentation highlights the content of a newly developed 6-10 hour customizable module on the topic of interpreting in healthcare settings for students. The goal of the module is to inspire students to consider interpreting in healthcare settings as a potential specialization.
The module includes video testimonials from healthcare interpreters, role-play activities, and samples of two modules from the CATIE Center focused on the cardiovascular system and healthcare discourse. All the content is available to interpreter educators and mentors free of charge.

Archived Webinar:  Controversy in the Classroom:  Learning from Impostors, Bad Weather and Media Attention
Original date 3/17/14

Controversies emerge in our field periodically. They can be expected to recur. This webinar will be a discussion of how instructors can leverage current events in interpreting to facilitate deeper understanding among their students of our field, our work as interpreters and our relationship to the Deaf Community. The focus will be on recent controversies such as the South African interpreter impostor and media attention during Hurricane Sandy.

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