Outcomes Circle

OC program heads enjoy an April 1 snow storm in Ashland, Mass.

As a strategy for developing teaching resources and activities that are both effective and relevant, the National Interpreter Education Center established a collaboration of interpreting education programs to serve as a learning laboratory known as the Outcomes Circle (OC). As “first implementers,” OC programs will participate in an evaluation effort to document outcomes and impact of these initiatives:

Curriculum Resource Center: The National Center is developing a robust database of curricular resources including syllabi, activities and materials provided by the participating programs based on an OpenCourseWare model using Creative Commons licensing. This content will be available only to participating Outcomes Circle programs until 2013. At that time, the OC programs will confer along with their institutions and determine which content will be shared with the field at large. Additionally, the NCIEC will be developing curriculum modules on topics ranging from Deaf Interpreting to interpreting in Vocational Rehabilitation settings to be shared with OC programs for use in the classroom.

Professional Development Opportunities: Based on faculty interest and needs, professional development training will be offered to OC program faculty and administrators. Topics may include a track in Assessment, Mentorship & Practicum Supervision, and Teaching Interpreting. Trainings found effective through rigorous evaluation will be offered to the field at large.

ACTFL Training: The American Sign Language Teachers Association (ASLTA) drafted ASL Standards to be adopted and published by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). As a natural next step, the National Center will sponsor training on the ACTFL Proficiency Interview process beginning with OC Programs. This training will allow for uniform assessment of ASL skills across institutions. This will be helpful, particularly, with transfer students allowing for consistent determination of linguistic ability. See languagetesting.com for more information on the ACTFL Proficiency Interview.

On-line Journal of Undergraduate Student Research in Interpreting: This component of the Resource Center will highlight student research work in Outcomes Circle programs. We anticipate the first edition of the Journal will be on-line in 2012. We intend to make the journal open to the field at large in 2013.

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Engagement: We will facilitate the development of internship opportunities between OC interpreter education programs, VR and community rehabilitation programs to promote interpreting in VR settings. Implementation of the VR Engagement effort will begin in 2012.

Technical Assistance: The NIEC will provide assistance for OC programs seeking CCIE accreditation. This assistance will be available throughout the duration of the grant until 2015.

Outcomes Circle Programs:
Central Piedmont Community College
Hinds Community College
John A. Logan College
Mt. San Antonio College
Northeastern University
Ohlone College
Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City
Phoenix College
San Antonio College
Suffolk County Community College
Union County College
University of Arkansas-Little Rock
University of Cincinnati
University of North Florida
University of Southern Maine

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