The RSA National Priorities mandate three primary tasks for the National Center. Our objectives are:

Effective coordination. To achieve and sustain coordination of Regional and National Center activities toward identification and promotion of effective practices, needs assessment, effective use of resources and consistent quality of interpreting education across all regions.

Meaningful evaluation. To support continual improvement and demonstrate outcomes and impact of Center activities and the program as a whole by facilitating substantive formative and summative evaluations with specific outcome and performance measures and providing timely reports to the Centers and RSA.

Improved interpreting education outcomes. To achieve improved interpreting education outcomes by providing and promoting effective practice based educational opportunities and resources for interpreting educators and program administrators including graduate course cluster programs; web-based text and video curriculum resources; tools and training in American Sign Language and interpreting skills assessment; curriculum modules and internship opportunities in VR settings for IEP students; and student recruitment tools and strategies.

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