What’s wiping out the Caribbean corals?

Sarah Gignoux-​​Wolfsohn and Felicia Aronson, two student-​​researchers at Northeastern’s Marine Sci­ence Center, turned to crowd­funding to sup­port their work on exam­ining white-​​band dis­ease, which has killed up to 95 per­cent of the Caribbean’s reef building corals.

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Making whoopee, coral style

When it comes to making babies, most species pick a strategy and stick with it. Humans, for example, are per­fectly happy with our sexual mode of repro­duc­tion: Half the DNA […]

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Climate change and coral reefs

Corals are anal­o­gous to trees in trop­ical rain forests,” said Steve Vollmer, assis­tant pro­fessor at Northeastern’s Marine Sci­ences Center. “They pro­vide the essen­tial habitat for the unprece­dented diver­sity of organisms […]