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Blue is the new green

When I was a kid, back when the hole in the ozone layer was the big topic of envi­ron­mental dis­cus­sion, I was obsessed with saving the rain forests. I’d heard […]

Northeastern gets ‘Real’ with commitment to serving sustainable food

The uni­ver­sity is the first in Boston to sign on to the “Real Food Chal­lenge,” a com­mit­ment by higher edu­ca­tion insti­tu­tions to pur­chase at least 20 per­cent of its food from local, fair, and sus­tain­able sources by 2020.

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Resilient cities need resilient citizens

In the days after the Boston Marathon bomb­ings, dec­la­ra­tions of sup­port from across the country flooded my Face­book feed in the form of graphic memes, pho­tographs, and simple status updates […]

A sweet spot for coastal cities

At the first annual Sus­taining Coastal Cities con­fer­ence, national and inter­na­tional leaders began a con­ver­sa­tion on the future of fisheries.

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Onward and downward

Between 1969 and 1972, 12 people (all of them men) walked on the moon, took an after­noon stroll 240,000 miles away. Around this same time, Sylvia Earle, the first chief […]

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Scientists blog for positive change, in environment and community

New fac­ulty mem­bers Ran­dall Hughes and David Kimbro set up shop at the Marine Sci­ence Center this winter after spending sev­eral years at Florida State Uni­ver­sity studying oyster reefs. During their time in Tallahassee, […]