Dance dance revolution

Ketty Rosen­feld, director of Northeastern’s inter­na­tional coop­er­a­tive edu­ca­tion pro­gram, teaches a Latin dance-​​inspired fit­ness pro­gram called Zumba.

Rapping an inspirational message

Through Foun­da­tion Year pro­gram, North­eastern instructor Peter Plourde —aka Pro­fessor Lyrical — uses hip-​​hop to engage first-​​year stu­dents in math learning.

Diners ’n dives

Amy Bri­esch chowed on chili dogs wrapped in Amer­ican cheese in Burlington, N.C., indulged in bacon-​​​​wrapped pork fil­lets in Anita, Iowa and quaffed boy­sen­berry soda in Los Angeles, Calif. Over … read more »