Publishing the Trump dossier: Inevitable or unjustifiable?

When news broke of a top-​​ranking intel­li­gence briefing about alle­ga­tions involving President-​​elect Donald Trump and Russia, many out­lets cov­ered the story, but only one pub­lished the sala­cious details. Here, two jour­nalism pro­fes­sors offer counter view­points about that outlet’s deci­sion, with one arguing “the infor­ma­tion was bound to be dis­closed or leaked,” and the other calling the deci­sion “mis­guided” and noting that “raw intel­li­gence of the sort is often wrong.”

Unprecedented, unpredictable road ahead for US-​​Russia relations

As Donald Trump pre­pares to take office, it’s unclear what may lie ahead for the U.S. and Russia, says Russian his­tory and cul­ture expert Harlow Robinson. What is clear, though, is that the Trump era has already begun to change the face of the global land­scape. According to Robinson, we could be entering “a very strange era.”

3Qs: US, Russia, and the 2016 presidential election

Russia this week played a leading role in the con­ver­sa­tion about the U.S. pres­i­den­tial race, from its alleged role in hacking Demo­c­ratic National Com­mittee emails to Donald Trump’s com­ments that he hoped the country had suc­cess­fully hacked Hillary Clinton’s email. We asked Ryan Maness, an expert in Russian for­eign policy and inter­na­tional cyber­con­flict and secu­rity, to examine what this could mean for the dynamic between the two nations.

The pressing issues facing Europe

Hours after a divided Euro­pean Union voted Tuesday to dis­tribute 120,000 asylum-​​seekers among its member states, North­eastern con­vened a panel of experts to dis­cuss the migrant crisis as well as other pressing issues facing Europe.

The battle for Ukraine

In a lec­ture Wednesday, Mitchell Oren­stein, chair of the Depart­ment of Polit­ical Sci­ence, dis­cussed the tur­moil in the Eastern Euro­pean country and what it means from a geopo­lit­ical standpoint.

3Qs: What to watch for in Sochi

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia have begun. We asked Philip D’Agati, an expert in patri­o­tism, pol­i­tics, and the Olympics, in the Depart­ment of Polit­ical Sci­ence, to dis­cuss Russia’s role as host and which Olympic events he has his eye on.