A victory and an uncertain future at Standing Rock

Protests over laying the Dakota Access oil pipeline in North Dakota rep­re­sent more than just a fight over water– and land rights; the move­ment rep­re­sents “a recal­i­bra­tion of what it means to be more fully human in this modern world,” one uni­ver­sity expert says. Here, we take a look at this com­plex issue from three angles—the pol­i­tics, protests, and people of Standing Rock.

Recent protests ‘playing an important role in the democratic process’

In the days since the elec­tion, move­ments have cropped up across the U.S. to protest Donald J. Trump’s pres­i­dency. While assis­tant pro­fessor Sarah J. Jackson says the cli­mate reminds her of “the mood of the nation in the 1960s,” she also notes that protests in gen­eral can serve to bring people together, and are in fact a nec­es­sary part of a healthy democracy.