Northeastern researcher elected president of the Complex Systems Society

Alessandro Vespig­nani, the Stern­berg Family Dis­tin­guished Uni­ver­sity Pro­fessor of physics, com­puter sci­ence and health sci­ences, believes that com­plex sys­tems sci­ence has the poten­tial to solve real-​​world challenges.

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Northeastern at Fermilab

If you hap­pened to find your­self on Fermilab’s home­page today, you would find there a handy link to today’s “Uni­ver­sity Pro­file,” which high­lights North­eastern. One of 118 uni­ver­si­ties that rely […]

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New technologies beget new science

Since you’re reading this blog, you’ve prob­ably heard of net­work sci­ence and big data by now. It’s the field of research in which sci­en­tists leverage the amazing amounts of data […]

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What is a topological insulator?

What is a topo­log­ical insu­lator? This is what I have written at the top of my notes from a con­ver­sa­tion a couple weeks ago with the­o­ret­ical con­densed matter physics professor […]