A better brainwave monitor

Physics pro­fessor Srinivas Sridhar and his team of researchers are devel­oping new tech­nology that could be useful for a variety of appli­ca­tions from detecting mil­i­tary threats to tracking epileptic seizures..

The risk of carrying a cup of coffee

Pro­fessor Dagmar Sternad and post-​​doctoral researcher C.J. Hasson of Northeastern’s Action Lab show that vari­ability in our­selves and our envi­ron­ments guide our move­ment strategies.

Art + science = career

Stu­dent com­mence­ment speaker Emily Batt dreams of run­ning a studio in which fine artists and engi­neers col­lab­o­rate on exper­i­mental projects in sci­ence and design.

Chemotherapy from the inside out

Dis­tin­guished Pro­fessor of Physics Sri Sridhar has been awarded a $560,000 grant from the Depart­ment of Defense to develop a tech­nique for treating prostate cancer with nanotechnology.