Hitting a high note

The Nor’easters, an a cap­pella group founded in 1998, released its first pro­fes­sion­ally pro­duced album this fall and has begun work on another.

New spin on classical music

Anthony De Ritis, chair of Northeastern’s music depart­ment, has released a new CD, “Devo­lu­tion,” that mixes clas­sical music with live DJ performance.

3Qs: How music artists go from good to “Bad”

Whether or not you’re a fan of pop star Katy Perry, her sky­rock­eting suc­cess cannot be denied. She won Video of the Year at the MTV Video Music Awards this weekend, and recently became the first female artist in the Bill­board Hot 100 his­tory to have five sin­gles from one album reach No. 1 — joining only Michael Jackson in achieving this feat. We asked music industry expert David Her­lihy, asso­ciate aca­d­emic spe­cialist in the Col­lege of Arts, Media and Design, to examine how the music industry has changed since Jackson’s reign.