The film buff

Brandon Isaacson, the vice pres­i­dent of Northeastern’s Film Enthu­si­asts’ Club, watches as many as 400 movies per year, from sem­inal clas­sics to inde­pen­dent brain-​​busters.

Cannes you hear me now?

A short film by North­eastern stu­dent Joel Marsh was selected to be screened at the 65th annual Cannes Inter­na­tional Film Fes­tival in May.

3Qs: What makes a good book-​​to-​​movie adaptation?

The film adap­ta­tion of Suzanne Collins’ “The Hunger Games” dom­i­nated the box office this weekend, net­ting more than $155 mil­lion in its first three days in the­aters. We asked Eng­lish pro­fessor Kath­leen Kelly, who teaches classes that cover book-​​to-​​film adap­ta­tions and plans to see “The Hunger Games” this week, about what makes a suc­cessful movie ver­sion of a work of pop­ular literature.

3Qs: A 3-​​D headache or family fun?

With the recent release of Nintendo’s new 3DS, a hand­held gaming system, and the pop­u­larity of movies like “Thor” and “Avatar,” the use of 3-​​D tech­nology has increased over the past few years. Ter­rence Masson, director of Northeastern’s Cre­ative Indus­tries pro­gram, weighs in on 3-D’s revival and where the tech­nology is headed.