The battle for Ukraine

In a lec­ture Wednesday, Mitchell Oren­stein, chair of the Depart­ment of Polit­ical Sci­ence, dis­cussed the tur­moil in the Eastern Euro­pean country and what it means from a geopo­lit­ical standpoint.

The untold stories of slavery

In a campus lec­ture on Friday, Pulitzer Prize-​​winning author Dou­glas Blackmon said he writes about African Amer­ican slavery because it’s a way to infuse per­son­ality into sto­ries that were orig­i­nally written in dehu­man­izing ways.

A memoirist-​​in-​​residence

Mem­oirist Kath­leen Norris instructed an inti­mate master writing class with mem­bers of the North­eastern com­mu­nity on Monday as part of a series of events through the Human­i­ties Center.