Theater of despair’

At Northeastern’s Holo­caust Com­mem­o­ra­tion on Tuesday morning, Hinda Tzivia Eisen, the university’s 2013–2014 Gideon Klein Scholar, hon­ored the memory of a score of German-​​Jewish artists who staged the­atrical pro­duc­tions at a deten­tion camp in the Netherlands.

How, and why, some Jewish scholars were left behind

At the North­eastern Holo­caust Com­mem­o­ra­tion, Bernard A. Stotsky Pro­fessor Laurel Leff explained that Amer­ican uni­ver­si­ties had one of the few life­lines to extend to refugees fleeing Europe to escape Nazi per­se­cu­tions, but they didn’t do enough.