Hogwarts on Huntington

No, the brooms don’t fly. And if you want to get really tech­nical about it, they’re actu­ally spare lacrosse sticks. But that hasn’t stopped stu­dents from joining Northeastern’s intra­mural quid­ditch … read more »

3Qs: What makes a good book-​​to-​​movie adaptation?

The film adap­ta­tion of Suzanne Collins’ “The Hunger Games” dom­i­nated the box office this weekend, net­ting more than $155 mil­lion in its first three days in the­aters. We asked Eng­lish pro­fessor Kath­leen Kelly, who teaches classes that cover book-​​to-​​film adap­ta­tions and plans to see “The Hunger Games” this week, about what makes a suc­cessful movie ver­sion of a work of pop­ular literature.