The apple princess

Grad­uate stu­dent Fabi­enne Rudolph is known as the apple princess in her native Ger­many, where she pro­motes the Oden­wald region’s apple industry.

3Qs: A closer look at the Turkish protests

Asso­ciate pro­fessor of inter­na­tional affairs and soci­ology Berna Turam has con­ducted exten­sive ethno­graphic field­work in Turkey, and she said the recent protests there are about power—not religion.

Sound effect

Working at a com­mer­cial art gallery in Berlin taught North­eastern music tech­nology major Gus­tavo Jiménez about the industry and inspired his own work.

Pushing math to the limit

Math­e­matics pro­fessor Jerzy Weyman is on a fel­low­ship with the Hum­boldt Foun­da­tion in Ger­many, where he has been col­lab­o­rating with a former North­eastern colleague.

Calculating her every move

While on co-​​op in Ger­many, finance major dis­covers a pas­sion for con­sulting, and gets a first-​​hand per­spec­tive on how inter­na­tional busi­ness operates