Jellyfish ‘fingerprints’

North­eastern researcher col­lab­o­rates on dig­ital clas­si­fi­ca­tion of jel­ly­fish species; part of her larger interest in genetic and evo­lu­tionary differences

3Qs: Lionfish roar into tropical waters

Inva­sive species can wreak havoc on ecosys­tems, like the Atlantic Ocean off the South­eastern U.S. and the Caribbean. Researchers have strug­gled in recent years to combat the pres­ence of lion­fish — which are native to the Indo-​​Pacific waters. Annette Govin­darajan, an instructor in North­eastern University’s Depart­ment of Earth and Envi­ron­mental Sci­ences, explores the dan­gers that this fish and other inva­sive species present.